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Imagining writing scenarios

Good one: It was the middle of the night. Preethi laid in bed with her bedsheet over her head and was typing busily in her mobile. It was silent sans the periodical chiming of the wall clock in her bedroom. She could hear the distant sound of a dog barking near the backyard of herContinue reading “Imagining writing scenarios”

The Ideal World

Who would not want an ideal worldWhich is so rosyThat an optimist needn’t see itThrough rose-coloured glasses.Filled with kindness and bubbling with joy,It would be devoid of the killers of nature.People shed off their falsities thereĀ And show their true selves to one another.It’s a place where rulers rule for the welfare of the people.There isContinue reading “The Ideal World”

A night in travel

A cyclone destroyed our plan to travel in a train. So, we were travelling in a sleeper bus. I had gotten my preferred upper berth and it was a cool night which was also perfectly alright with me. The sleeping accommodations were perfect and in short, I had almost everything I would require on aContinue reading “A night in travel”

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